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Conditions of entry & Embassies around the world

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Official language Arabic and French. National Currency: Tunisian dinar (TND), 1.00 USD = 1.50650 TND, 1.00 EUR = 1.96197 TND

Electricity 220 V, according to European standards.  Health Vaccination is not necessary.

The stores opening hours: Monday – Friday 8 -12 and 16-20. Sunday most shops are closed. Soukh (traditional markets) are open till late. Shopping  : carpets, furs, leather goods, spices, ceramics, copper and silver.

Clothing: We recommend light cotton or linen, comfortable shoes, sun hat, sunglasses, cool evenings and for warmer clothing.

Food: Among the specialties: beef, lamb or fish with couscous and garnish vegetables, Brice (puff pastry pillows with meat) prepared from tuna fish, eggs, minced meat and vegetables. The predominant cuisine is fish and seafood. Pastries are very sweet, most preparations based on honey, nuts, dates and marzipan.

Tunisia Travel Guides

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kantaouiAn ideal climate, a long and gentle seacoast, Tunisia, the northernmost country of Africa has for over 3000 years witnessed the passage of Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Turks, Spanish and French. They came as fugitive s or adventurers, to conquer or to claim, warriors and missionaries, traders and farmers each leaving a part of their story in stone or mosaics, on hills of Carthage and the threshold of the Sahara.

This heritage, Tunisia’s greatest wealth has been held in trust and preserved in hundreds of sites and museums from the small Punic right” >museum in Utica to the vast collections of the prestigious National Museum of Bardo. Most Museums are closed on Mondays, whereas many on-site archeological museums and ruins are open all week. An entrance fee is usually charged and a caretaker will often act as guide.

Places to go

tuniTourism_clip_image020Whatever the season, your first glimpse of Tunisia will be one of golden beaches and a deep blue sea. With over 1200 kilometers of coast this sunny Mediterranean land is a paradise for the vacationer.

Well known seaside resort areas – Sousse, Monastir, Hammamet and Nabeul, Djerba and Tabarka offer their visitors the finest sand beaches and crystalline water along with a dizzying choice of waterfront hotels featuring sun and sea sports as windsurfing and sailing, underwater sightseeing, fishing and short boat rides. Nearly Hotels are built with the visitor’s comfort and enjoyment in mind and their restaurants feature both international as well as Tunisian Cuisine. During the peak summer season no effort is spared to provide the maximum of activities at the hotel and throughout the region .Summer festivals held nearby invite you join in with your Tunisian hosts to celebrate Father Neptune, share their local folklore, enjoy a concert or or just have fun.

Feeling guilty about the long lazy days spent in delicious idleness bronzing on the beach? Often an hours drive from these modern resorts will bring you to another Tunisia, one of ancient Roman, Arab, Berber or Phoenician sites. Reminders of this rich historical past abound and visitors will return again and again captivated by the diversity of this Mediterranean land. Ask at your hotel for guided tours and information .The Tunisian Tourist offices in most European capitals or in all major cities in Tunisia can supply a list of Guides, maps, brochures, and advice to help you plan an unforgettable vacation.


tuniTourism_clip_image019Outside of the official, quality and price, controlled Artisanat (handicraft) shops, where everything from carpets to birdcages bears a price tag, and carpets a stamp of origin and caliber, shopping in Tunisia is definitely an art. Located in the old city (the Medina), the Souks offer a selection of objects of unsurpassed beauty and distinction , excellent arts and craft and traditional work. A sharp eye, nerves of steel, a show of disinterest and a good sense of humor will make shopping a real pleasure.
lated prices give both parties the pleasure of bargaining and a golden opportunity to exhibit your talent as an actor. Start by cutting the offer in half, then work up to a compromise if you are really interested. The choice is yours:

Handcarved olive wood: Salad bowls, kitchen articles, vases, lamps, bracelets…beautiful , solid wood , each is distinctively different. This hard and durable wood needs only an occasional slight rubbing with oil to bring out the richness of its patterns. A natural gift from this Mediterranean land.